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November 21, 2004

last day at Coremetrics

Friday was my last working day at Coremetrics. Officially my last day is Wednesday 11/24, but I decided to take my last 3 days as vacation. Of course, I'm getting roped into doing some more work, and I have a few more things to document... :)

It was a good day. I decided to have three going-away events for myself. The first, BBQ lunch as Rudy's, was very well attended and yummy as usual. The second, happy hour at Trudy's, was not so well attended at first. It started at six and I sat there by myself until 7. But that was okay, because then a good crew showed up and we had a fun dinner (the third event). Beth brought me a boutonniere (thank you Google for that spelling) that she made me wear so I'd feel special. She's so wacky.

I expected to be more emotional about leaving on Friday. Guess I'm doing my usual delayed reaction thing. After almost 3.5 years, it was extremely hard to decide to leave. Don't think I would have done it for anybody else but Google.

Sitting in my parent's house on their farm outside Brownwood now. It's quiet, as usual, and I can see the windmill out the window. It lost two blades in a recent windstorm, which gives it a sort of a sad quality. Can also see the travel trailer, which is parked in front of the house right now. It's blocking my view of my mom's roses (she has a few yellow roses blooming now) and the pomegranite tree, which also has blooms. Ah, Texas -- blooms in November.

Last night, we had dinner at the always delicious Rancho Loma -- the gourmet restaurant that's literally in the middle of nowhere. This morning, a guy my dad alternately described as a "trucker" and a "cowboy" came and loaded up the last of my dad's herd of Gyr cattle to deliver to the guy (named Guy) in Von Army, Texas, who bought the whole herd. My mom and I took pictures. I suspect my dad was a little sad to let them go, but he didn't let on. Mostly he seemed relieved.

My mom had the Christmas tree put up for my visit, because she worried I wouldn't be able to come home for Christmas. She even wrapped my presents already! Of course, I am coming home for Christmas. She thinks she's lost me to New York now. Poor Mom.

I'll try to put up some more pictures on the fotolog soon.

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