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December 5, 2004


Saw Closer last night. I didn't like it, AC did. Natalie Portman is good,
but I just couldn't relate to the pathetic characters... or I should
say caricatures. I felt it was too disjointed to really give you a
chance to learn or care about the characters. AC disagreed, but
maybe she was "reading between the lines" better than I did. It
reminded me somewhat of My Friends and Neighbors, except when it comes
to the sex stuff, it's all talk. Here's my breakdown: if you like
hearing Hollywood stars talk dirty (and I do mean dirty), or if you
enjoy watching people being shallow, petty, jealous, and mean to each
other for 2 hours, go see it. Otherwise, wait for the DVD.

Posted by ljh at December 5, 2004 11:16 AM