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February 21, 2005

back from austin

Just spent the better part of the week down in Austin on a business trip. Was kept fairly busy but got to see friends on Friday night and hang out with family on Saturday. Overall a good trip.

Saturday was particularly fun -- I spent the afternoon taking care of my little 4-year-old nephew Joshua. I had to get him ready and take him to a birthday party for a couple of hours, and getting to watch him with the other kids was priceless.

At one point at the party, he pointed at me and said, to the mother of one of his little friends, "That's Uncle Jack." As if they'd probably all heard of me, and here I was in person. Hilarious.

We had some really great conversations during our one-on-one time. One of my favorites:

Jack: I miss Allison, but I'll see her when I go back to New York tomorrow.

Joshua: I want to see Allison!

Jack: Well, you'll see her next month when we're both here.

A pause.

Jack: What will you do when you see her?

Joshua grins.

Jack: Will you give her a hug?

Joshua: Uh huh.

Jack: She likes hugs.

Another pause.

Joshua: You don't know how to hug, Uncle Jack! ... I'm just kidding! You know how to hug!

Maybe you had to be there. But he cracks me up.

Posted by ljh at February 21, 2005 11:55 PM