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February 10, 2005

omea reader + newsgator movabletype plugin

So, the previous post (about MP3Tunes, via BoingBoing) was one-click posted to my blog from Omea Reader, currently my favorite RSS/ATOM feed reader. It supports Newsgator (another reader) plugins, and I downloaded the one for Movable Type and set it up to enable me to duplicate entries directly to my blog. It uses the ATOM API, which can apparently do far more than I realized.

Very cool. Only complaint is that it doesn't let me put any of my own text on the post -- just duplicates it directly to my blog. And it isn't very clear on attribution (e.g. just the "Via BoingBoing" link at the bottom). I don't want people to think I'm stealing content...

(Note added 1PM EST: I've decided to come in and edit these forwards to include the the [Source] to the item title.)

Posted by ljh at February 10, 2005 11:52 AM